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    Highlights blown out when saving as JPEG

    cjs-nh Level 1

      I just shot 30 head shots for a school play in raw u(D300) using the same lighting, exposure, camera, etc.    I opend each image with Photoshop and using the camera raw screen tweak the levels, color balance, and some dodging/burning.  I then open the file in Photoshop, check the levels, create a B&W layer and then save as PSD and JPEG.   In Bridge all of the PSD thumbnails look consistent in brightness and tone.  However, the JPEG versions a subset of the images will have the highlights blown out.   I opend one of the offending PSD files with LR3.5 and the highlights appear blown out there too.  If I open the PSD file in Photoshop again, the highlights look good.  I use a Macbook pro with a large MAC cinema monitor to edit my files.  Any suggestions?