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    Indesign Script Folder ESTK vs CSSDK

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional



      I have a thing I can't explain myself. Given the fact I want to grab scripts that are in the user scripts folder.


      In ESTK :


      var fo = Folder(app.scriptPreferences.scriptsFolder.fsName);


      This gives me the result I am expecting.


      In Flex :


      var app:Application = InDesign.app;
      var scriptsFolder:File = File(app.scriptPreferences.scriptsFolder);
      var scriptsFilesArray:Array = new Array();
      for each(var file:File in scriptsFolder.getDirectoryListing()){


      This returns scripts from the application preferences excluding every user scripts.


      How the same call can produc two differents results regarding to the context of execution ?


      Thanks a lot for your enlightment on this stuff.