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    Customizing Online Help and versioning

    Tech Doc Girl Level 1

      Hello all!


      The Online Help my team creates supports a software application that is almost 100% customizable by our clients. Therefore, different clients may need documentation/help for their customized modules, which would not be delivered with base Online Help.


      That being said, I'm wondering how versioning would work. If a customer wants to add on to our base Online Help and we delivered to our customers our base files, how could we control versioning? For example, if we delivered Online Help files for the 7.4.0 release of our software and customers purchase their own RoboHelp license to add their own content, what would happen to their new content when we deliver the Online Help files for the next release of our software? Everything would be overwritten, correct?


      The only way I can think to do this is to recommend to our customers who want to add on to our base Online Help that they store their customized files outside of the base Online Help folder structure and manually reimport the files when we deliver new help files. Which seems like a lot of work.


      Any idea would be greatly appreciated!!