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    Project manager - problem exporting a project with AE compositions.

    Robbie75VR Level 1

      I have a problem exporting my project to another disk, this is what happens:


      I needed to move the project from the windows partition of my Mac to the Mac partition, in order to be able to continue my edit under MacOS, my sequences include a series of After Effects compositions of footage that has been stabilized in warp stabilizer using the option "replace with AE composition" from the timeline.


      Using the project manager I started my backup operation, with these options:


      Source: all sequences selected

      Resulting Project: Collect files and copy to new location

      Include Audio conform files

      Destination: a folder in the Mac partition


      The resulting project had a message popping up saying that AE rpject file is missing (it was, I had to manually copy and paste it from ithe win partition to the mac) and once copied obviously AE couldn't find the source video clips of its compositions, so I had to manually re-link them all  (quite difficult job to do among almost two years of footage).


      What have I done wrong ?

      Why AE lose the connection with the fils?