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    get a json result to display in a list


      I a new to Flash builder 4.5.1 and Flex and I try to make a mobile application for Android and iOS that will display a list from a webservice.

      The webservice returns the answer in a json.

      I use the data/service to create the connection and when I run the test it shows the four fields of the first record, when I select show Raw I see three records.

      I bind it to a list and it shows me the first record, I have search all over the internet, but been unable to find an example how to get all records to display in the list. Most examples out there are for are for older Flash builder and mostly shows how to deserilize the json string, but it looks like that is already done in the new Flash builder.


      Here is the code that was created.


      <s:CallResponder id="Operation1Result" result="Operation1Result.lastResult as NoName1"/>


      The NoName1 has the four fields configured as strings.


      I have been stock in this for a month, thanks for any help or examples.