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    install_flashplayer11x32ax_gtbd_aih for IE8 says cannot register..




      I have Windows XP Professional SP3.


      Both IE8 and Mozilla FireFox browsers are installed.


      I am having trouble installing the activex control for IE8 for the latest version of flash player (WIN 11,1,102,55).


      I used the install latest version page on the adobe site (using IE browser itself) so that the activex (without the google toolbar) gets installed directly .


      It goes through to almost the 60% of the installation process and says: "Error; failed to register".


      I have never before had problems installing the new versions of the flash player activex on IE8. This is the first time this error comes up.


      But FireFox flash install goes through and works just fine.




      1. I tried to reinstall the older version (10, 3 r183) activex using the offline file -  install_flash_player_10_active_x.


      Same "failed to register" error.


      2. I also tried lowering the security "trusted zone", "internet zone" levels to medium, etc. (and then installing the new version) as suggested on Adobe's help page for troubleshooting flsah installs on IE.


      But that did not help.]



      (So for now, I an going to system restore to an earlier point to have flash player working in both browsers and then install the new version just in FireFox.)


      Would appreciate any insight and help.