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    Images in Emails , using CID

    plarts Level 1

      I found Email with images using CID: codes.

      example : cid:image001.png@01CCA61F.1FB8E630


      In this case, if I do a cfdump of "cids"

      I get the key pair values in a collection (structure).

      The image file is transfered (loaded) and I can replace the CID by the image file adress.

      The adress is ; src="cid:image001.png@01CCA61F.1FB8E630"

      So I can replace the src value by the uploaded adress (with the image name : image001.png)


      And sometimes, the CID code is as : cid:part1.00020509.06000501@imagescreations.fr

      In that case the image file is not transfered. (not loaded)


      How to get the adress of this CID code ?

      I am doing a WebMail, abd with that case, I cannot display the image in the body.

      the adress is : src="cid:part1.00020509.06000501@imagescreations.fr"


      Thanks for any help.