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    <cfdirectory...> suddendly blind to domain directories.

    ilssac Level 5

      All of a sudden this morning this <cfdirectory...> line started returning an empty result set.  When it had been working just fine all week as I have worked on a project.




      Even though there are definitly files at that location and if one logs into the ColdFusion web server using the domain user assigned to ColdFusion one can easily access this file server directory and see the files in windows.


      No exceptions are being thrown, an empy result set is all that is being returned.


      Some experimentation has shown that expected file results are returened for local directories on the ColdFusion web server, but all remote domain calls return empty results, even accessing the ColdFusion web server through it's domain name.


      Any ideas of what else to look for.  We have restarted the ColdFusion server a couple of times already and that did not affect the results.


      Thank You