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    "crash occurred while invoking effect plug-in ripple" after effects cs5

    stephenh44161733 Level 1

      hi comrades,

      first, apologies for such a long post but I thought better to give as much detail as possible.


      afx cs5 keeps crashing when trying to render a high quality quicktime.

      I've rendered the whole timeline several times at quarter resolution no probs.


      it is a large canvas (2 x HD projection). I'm trying to render a high quality 1440 px preview render.



      I get

      "crash occurred while invoking effect plug-in ripple"

      even though the crash is happening 10-20 seconds before the layer containing the ripple effect appears in the timeline


      so I make sure of the following


      "Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously" is unticked

      secret preferences purge every 1 frame

      also preferences/preview/ unticked "Enable OpenGL"


      and then try rendering just the 1 or 2 seconds where the crash occured - bingo it worked.

      so I set the whole time line rendering again and it crashes a few seconds earlier than last time with the message

      "crash in progress. Last logged message was <4140 <GetDepthPinFlags> <5> 2:24bit"

      there is a bit of stock footage in there. its not an unusual codec, just photo jpeg. 24 bit


      I tried turning those stock footage layers off, now I'm getting the previous crash message

      "crash occurred while invoking effect plug-in ripple"

      again, this crash happens around 10 seconds before the layer containing the ripple effect appears in timeline


      there is a very high res 3d layer in the comp which the camera zooms into. I thought this maybe causing it.

      although this layer ends around 38 seconds. twice I have watched the render get past the 40 second mark and then crash with one of the above errors.

      Yet when I open the resulting quicktime to see where the crash occurred, the quicktime is only 35 or 37 seconds long.

      I didn't think that was possible? I just watched it progress to 41 or 42 seconds.




      could a large 3d layer and a large canvas be causing this crash prone behaviour in CS5?

      Its been a while since I worked on these kind of large canvas projects, but cs4 and cs3 seemed able to handle it.

      maybe I'm taking afx 64-bit power for granted and pushing it further than I used to.


      using after effects cs 5 v10.0.2.4
      intel i7-2760QM CPU @ 2.4GHz (dual quad core)
      16gb Ram
      win7 pro
      Graphics Card Nvidia GTX 560M 1.5gb memory


      quick update:


      I can live without the ripple effect for now, so I have turned that off and set another render going. I could just as well use wave warp.

      It now appears to be rendering at almost the 50 second mark so getting somewhere.

      it is just a bit of text with  ripple effect and no other effects.

      A combination of the font and the ripple effect not liking each other very much perhaps?

      Its also currently rendering an image sequence then I can start rendering again from the point it crashes but this will take a long time as timeline is 4m 30s.

      also i need to send a high quality compressed version so I was going to import the high quality quicktime into adobe media encoder.

      does AME cs5 allow import of image sequence or do i need to buy cs 5.5?


      sorry for multiple questions and thanks in advance



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A few things to look at and a few questions to ask:


          First, What OS, installed Ram, and what Processor are you running?


          Second, why 1440 X ? (this is a non square pixel width project if its 1440 X 1080) The only format that will playback without distortion would be DVCPro HD. If it were my project I'd be working 1920 X 1080 unless there was a very compelling reason to do otherwise.


          Third, when you say very high rez 3D layer what do you mean? Only the pixel dimensions matter. Since it's a 3D layer it should be scaled to 100% and at some point in your project the distance between the camera and the high rez still should be somewhere close to the same value as the Zoom value of the camera. IOW, look at this screenshot:


          Screen Shot 2011-11-18 at 11.13.36 AM.png


          The camera is centered in the world and at 100 pixels in Z, the high rez layer is centered in the world and at 950 in Z, the difference is 850 pixels, the zoom value is 847 pixels, therefore the layer is at approximately 100% scale, is going to look as good as it can look, and no matter what the pixel dimensions are, it's the right size for the composition.


          If the high rez layer were closer than the zoom value the effective scale would be higher than 100% and the image would not contain enough pixels. If the high rez layer never got any closer than 2 or 3 times the zoom value (1600 pixels) then the image is too big. This could be causing your crash.


          The last thing you should check are the Secret preferences. You find them by going to Preferences>General and holding down the shift key while you click. This will reveal the Disable Layer Cache and Purge settings. Try purging every 2 or 3 frames.


          Screen Shot 2011-11-18 at 11.20.42 AM.png


          Last of all, AME CS5 should import a JPEG image sequences just fine according to the Docs. It's easy to give it a try. I've never tried myself. CS5.5 should import any type of image sequence. You can also import your AE project directly.


          One other thing, you can also pick up an animation codec qt after a crash as well as a photoJpg QT. The movies will be in tact, it's just a little harder to pick up the right frame number.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Could be a bug, could be soemthing to do with temporal magic. Impossible to tell. You could always try a third-party ripple effect or rebuild the ripple with teh normal displacement map effect. Also with regards to the layer do the usual of pre-composing. Maybe it avoiuds the issue...