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    access item are in ViewStack (mx)


      hi there ,

      when I put my Items in ViewStack , I wount to access them via AS!


      <mx:ViewStack x="12.8" y="67.4" id="viewstack1" width="774" height="473" selectedIndex="1">
                          <mx:Box label="ثبت" id="kl">
                                    <s:Panel width="773" height="416" id="register" title="ثبت" enabled="true" x="11" y="49" >
                                              <s:ComboBox  x="548" y="164" width="43" dataProvider="{complexDP}" id="regDay" />

      in this example I want to access regDay via AS in this way :


      regDay.visible = false;


      but ..

      nithing happend!


      befor I addedt it to ViewStack , my as codes were work but now ..


      cna y help please


      yrs .