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    Problems with initialization flex3->flex4


      I am trying to see if my companies program will work in flex 4 so we can hopefully upgrade.  I currently have the following:


      <mx:VBox id="editbox" height="100%" width="100%" includeInLayout="false" visible="false">

        <mx:HBox id="baseComp" width="100%" height="90%">

          <mx:TabNavigator id="acrd" height="100%" width="100%">

            <mx:Canvas id="groupCanvas" label="{ResourceManager.getString('Group')}" width="100%" height="100%" >

              <mx:List styleName="cellList" id="grp"  width="100%" height="100%"

      The problem is the mx:List isn't there.  It appears to be related to the 'includeInLayout="false".  Basically groupCanvas has no child and cellList starts as null.


      AddChild is used when editbox is needed. However, I think I am setting it up before that (i.e. filling it in)


      So my questions are:

      Is there something special about the List that it is not there?

      Does includeInLayout="false" mean things aren't going to be initialized?  If so how do I best get around this?


      Note that this was originally in an mx:Arrray (though there was only one).  It looked like this was a way in Flex 3 to get something to be initialized but not in layout.  However, I was totally not able to get that to work at all in flex4 which is why I switched to trying with includeInLayout=false.


      My basic question though is how I set up something that doesn't start in the layout.  If there is a better way then I will use that.

      So far my attempts to find this issue have failed so I may just need a simple link to the answer for this.

      I am working with flex 4.51 I think - though about says 4.5