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    How to mask a particular web page url


      Hi all,


      I have a site that I use for information and resource listing only.  In instances, unrelated to my webpage, I have found I need to share large files.  Some of the people that I deal with work in company's that won't allow them to access sites like filefactory to download files.  I thought I'd create an additional page to my existing site so that I can throw files on as needed.  I set it up so that if I give the people an address of: http://www.mydomain/fileaccess.html, it asks them for a password and redirects them to the page with the files, http://www.mydomain/actualfilepage.html.  I would like, for this page only, to have the address bar show, http://www.mydomain/filemask.html.


      I've come upon a couple tutorials about framesets and apache coding, but I either could not understand them or they were incorrect, either way, they just didn't work.


      Would someone please provide or direct me to step-by-step instructions on how to do this?


      Thanks in advance for your time!

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          Curtis_E_Flush Level 3

          The "address bar" as it is so aptly named, shows the address of the page you are on, unless you are using a PHP script to pull another address and insert it instead. I've seen this with "pirate" download sites, the kind you refer to as being blocked.


          You can use an AJAX script, an SSI or an iFrame to put another page inside your page and still keep the address the same without having to go into PHP scritping for the same result, but which software like "websense" will still block once updated to recognize the URL.


          I have to ask, are the files you want to put up yours to put up, or are they of a questionable ownership, and that's why you use a file sharing site like filefactory?


          If the're yours, why not just put them in an obscure folder and supply the address to the people you want to have access to it then dump the folder?

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            almacote Level 1

            Thank you, Curtis.  Giving a folder address will work fine for me if I can make it work.  When I type in http://www.mydomain/filefolder or

            http://www.mydomain/filefolder/file in my browser, I get either a forbidden error or an unformatted version of my index page.

            Could you tell me what I'm doing wrong or where I can get instructions on how to do this properly, please?  Thanks again!

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              Curtis_E_Flush Level 3

              That's most likely a permissions issue on your server. 403 errors are either insufficient permissions or .htaccess controlled files, and you need to shange the permissions for the folder in question to allow access to it. Sometimes a host WILL NOT allow this.


              Check http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/howto/htaccess.html  for more info on .htaccess and how to configure a folder or file to be accessible to a specific person or group.

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                almacote Level 1

                Thank you, Curtis!  This worked perfectly.  The file I used as a test subject had a space in the name and I found out I had to enter %20 in the url to represent this.  Also, I learned that case is an important factor.


                Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!