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    Kona LHi and HP Dreamcolor for timeline output

    Tom Frisch

      I'm looking at getting an HP Dreamcolor display and Kona LHi for my PC to actually see what I'm doing during editing with Ppro CS5.  I dream of solid timeline playback to a calibrated REC709 display. 


      Currently, I've got a i7 desktop w/ nVidia Quadro CX card.  Most of my footage is Canon 5/7D, w/ some random gopro and other stuff on occasion.  In the future- Red?  Canon C300? Sony F3?  Who knows.  Most likely Canon's MPEG2 50mbit.  I don't want to transcode, especially since there is no ProRes for PC, and I'm not satisfied w/ Cineform.


      -Does anyone else have this setup running for them? 

      -Does it work well? smooth, fast reliable?

      -Are there other more affordable or reliable solutions?

      -Can I still use 2 monitors from my Quadro CX while viewing timeline out of Kona card?

      -Will I still get any benefits of CUDA with this setup? Or will Mercury be software only? 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.