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    Data Merge: Frame background color?

    wolv32 Level 1

      Hi everyone.


      I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm trying to figure out a way to data merge a value to trigger the background color of a shape frame to change to another color to appear highlighted. I can already achieve this by saving out an image to match the specs of the shape I'm currently using, but for the sake of future projects and other applications I thought I would ask anyways. The document I'm merging is rather large and there will be a lot of colored shapes in the mix. Adding extra images per page will probably bump my file size a little bit - but probably not a significant amount because the shapes are pretty small.


      An example of how it looks with images:

      [merged image] [merged image shape (highlighted yellow color)] Master Text [merged text] [merged text] [merged text]

      [merged image] [merged image shape (regular grey color)] Master Text [merged text] [merged text] [merged text]


      I was thinking maybe I could use some kind of GREP style to trigger it? But I don't know if background color can be tweaked like that.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          GREP styles only work within paragraph styles which have character styles based on GREP queries. it can't call information about the frame it's in, only the text it is applying formatting to.


          However, I think I have a solution. draw two frames - one with a variable colour, and one with a variable picture. center them over each other and make a spreadsheet which assigns a variable pic to the variable pic frame; and a variable coloured pic to a variable colour frame.


          i've linked to an example that i've just quickly made up:




          to see how this was done, go to the paperclip in the bottom left of the PDF to get to the attachments.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I've been doing some thinking about this, and I'm wondering if if might be scriptable, after the merge. The concept would be to put a code letter into the frame that you want to change color (with a unique paragraph or character style), then to find all frames with text containing that style, and depending on the code letter apply an object style that defined a fill color and set the text fill to none.

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