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    Animations disappear in PDF presentations


      I'm converting my Powerpoint 2003 notes into PDF using Presenter 7.07. I want people viewing the presentation to take action at the end of the slides, so the slides are all set to be advanced by the users.

      However, right at the end of each slide, any text or images that were animated in the slide simply disappear. This is annoying because often I'd like people to be looking at that text while they think about the next step. Note that this does not happen in the original powerpoint presentation: only when it is converted to PDF.

      I realize the users can just scroll back a second to see what was there, but this seems awkward to do several times in a presentation. Is there a setting in Presenter that I'm missing, or something in PowerPoint that Presenter is interpreting in a way that makes it erase all of the animated items at the end?