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    Adobe e-learning suite 2.5

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      I have created my own learning intranet at work using dotnetnuk free download and post my own DVD's and slides using a mac and purchasing questionnaire modules.  This to the eye looks fine but due to not having an LMS the data collection is a long process.


      I am really interested in Adobe e-learning suite as it looks like the step up I want to take in quality and interaction.  The software talks about a scorm lms.  Is this a part of the software (i.e. is this a full lms content package) or do I have to buy further software?


      If so can anyone recommend some which is user friendly and will do the job for 350 staff



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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          Many LMS' "talk" to content that tools such as Captivate creates using one of two main protocols. SCORM is one and the other is AICC. These are simply agreed upon protocols. Think of them as being like English or German.


          Captivate creates the content a Learning Management System would serve to a user. Captivate is not a LMS and doesn't contain one in the install files. It's up to you to locate and subscribe, download, install and configure a LMS.


          Cheers... Rick


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            Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

            Adobe's eLearning Suite does not include an LMS. Adobe has somewhat of an LMS in their Adobe Connect product, but it's more a web conferencing solution than an LMS, though there is cross-over.

            There are a LOT of LMS products to choose from.


            There are several open-source LMS products, including Moodle and Sakai. A good list is here:


            Downside of such open-source products is the need to manage them (install, upgrade, customize, etc). There are companies that do that, but how those costs compare to a commercial LMS, I'm not sure.


            There are several commercial LMS products. Linked-In has a few archived discussions on those in various groups, such as the eLearning Guild group. There are also guides out there for evaluating LMSproducts, such as from Brandon Hall...though that one is not free.


            I like Inquisiq (http://www.inquisiqR3.com) and work with the company. Free trial from the website... It would certainly meet the needs of 'user friendly and 350 staff'


            Regardless of the LMS you choose, your content will need to be authored and published to be 'SCORM-compliant' to talk to the LMS (or perhaps AICC-compliant, though that's lesser-supported). It's a nice road to be on for development and support and tracking and reports....but it's not necessarily an easy road to merge with...



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              thank you for your wise words


              much appreciated