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      Hi there,

      I'm fairly new to after effects however I have searched the forums and can't seem to find an appropriate answer. I am creating a college animation project from Still images from photoshop and illustrator and I am currently trying to render out a sphere using CC sphere and a high res world map on it. When I try to keyframe the radius and Y rotation however the render output is fairly choppy. When I ram preview in the environment it starts out a little choppy but smooths out as it bounces back and forth through the ram preview.(I am also using easy ease keyframes to try and smoothen the animation). I am using the render queue and I am choosing Quicktime movie with a Photo JPEG compression. I am also using CS5 on a mac. My comp is set at HDTV 720p @25fps. I also try sending the resulting file to Media encoder however I actually end up with worse results. If anyone can help that would be great.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          By choppy render you're either dropping frames because the data rate is too high for your hardware to handle or you're getting stroboscopic effects like the effect where a stagecoach wheel's move backwards at certain speeds. Stroboscopic effects happen when the frame rate and the movement of the pixels end up just out of sync. Our brain processes the moving image as something other than what it is. Dropping frames in playback was my first reply because it's probably what is going on. It's not possible for AE to render frames out of order or to skip frames in the composition using any of the default render settings.


          I'm not seeing any system specs but it would take quite a hurky machine to playback HDTV Photo Jpeg movies without occasionally droping a frame or two. I'd drop your rendered footage into the Adobe Media Encoder and pick one of the delivery formats for the web like H264 and YouTube Widescreen HD and check the compressed movie in your media player. It's most likely gong to be just fine.

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            Rory_Maher Level 1

            Thanks Rick,

            My machine is a 2008 Macbook Pro 2.8 dual-core with 4gig's of ram and alot of programs on it so I think you are probably right!. It's choppy in the sense that playback of the animation is not smooth. I have text before we see the animation with a decoder text preset on it and a wiggle expression which renders very smoothly and no problem. However after this I start off with a close up of the earth(radius is quite high) and I am rotating the globe slowly. As maybe ten to fifteen seconds pass I reduce the radius size as it still is rotating. Sometimes I get relatively smooth playback and other times I drop a large amount of frames in the animation, so it seems to be my system. I'll try encoding for the web as you suggested and i'll report back

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              Rory_Maher Level 1

              Thanks Rick you were right my machine just was dropping frames due to the Photo jPEG format. I tried H.264 and I got much smoother results.