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    Issue with multiple linked SWF files

    Rusco Ducam

      I am attempting to build an Action Script Mobile project which uses SWf files created in Flash Professional.  The organizational struture is as follows:  Main Menu file links to submenu files, submenus link to individual files, with all lower level files linking back to pevious menus.  Fairly standard.  In Flash Builder, when I run the project on the desktop it works.  When I run on a device (both Android and iOS) however, I only get the Main Menu; none of the links function. 


      About the only clue I hhave as to what's happening is that the filesize of both the .apk and .ipa files seem a little small (they come out to about a tenth of the combined SWF filesize).  This leads me to suspect that only the Main Menu is being compiled, though I'm enough of a neophyte with Builder to be uncertain of pretty much everything. 


      Anyway, does anyone have advice on how to get this working, from importing SWF files inot Builder onward?  Or do I need to impliment an entirely different aproach?


      Thanks in advance,