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    Warning by opening Elements 9




      I'm from Germany. I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and since 2 days, when I start APE9 I get the warning "Es befindet sich kein Datenträger im Laufwerk. Legen Sie einen Datenträger in Laufwerk \Device\Harddisk\DR4 ein." In English maybe it's "There is no data medium in device. Put a data medium in device  \Device\Harddisk\DR4" . Then there are 3 Buttons: "Cancel/Retry/Next" but the note just go away and come back in less then one second. So I can't use Adobe Premiere Elements 9 ... I already uninstall and install but that isn't helpful.


      I'm using Windows 7 64x Bit.


      Regards Malte



      Please Help me 




      PS: I hope you understand me, because my English is not very good