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    Simplified Chinese in RH9 topics will not open in RH9 Editor


      I upgraded a RH8 project with a simplified chinese character set to RH9 and the topics will not open in the RH editor.  See screen shot below.




      After clicking off on the error dialog, the topic opens in noptepad showing the HTML.  This occurs on every topic in the project.  I also had one of my collegues test the upgrade on their machine and same result occrred.  I am not sure if there is anything in the project I can troubleshoot or what else to try.  Checking any topic properties/general tab, I noticed the edtitor field is hard coded to use Notepad.  I do not know why this would be unless RH9 is confused about how to process the character set .


      This problem did not occur in RH8 with simplified Chinese character sets.  I am going to submit a bug report to Adobe but if anyone has any knowldge or experience uin this area, please advise.