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    Simplified Chinese search in RH9 is partial, non-existent in RH8


      I notice the adobe marketing literature states RH9 is fully searchable with simplified chinese character sets but my company's testing shows otherwise.  The search results do not pick up all keywords in the topics.  In fact, the search results are minimal to the reality of what is in the project.  I am not proficient in simplified chinese but my colleagues are and they assure me the feature is not usable for an online help delivery.  This is a let down for us because simplified chinese in RH8 did not yield any search results at all in RH8.  RH9 is a step forward but not god enough for delivery of a professional product.


      Another bug report to adobe is forthcoming.  Please advsie if you have similar or contrary experiences.  This is not a browser issue whatsoever so that argument won't qualify to address the problem.