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    Mouse Response Slows Down While Editing

    John Ratard Level 1

      This is a continuation of a discussion dated Aug 21, 2011 4:26 PM with suggestions from both Bill Gehrke and John Smith who recommended how I could speed up editing and rendering on my i7 PC and suggestions to solve the slow mouse response.


      My problem:

      After several mouse clicks, the initial fast responses from Premier Pro CS5 begin to slow down to a crawl.


      My PC: 

      - ASUS P6TWS Professional Motherboard

      - Intel i7 920 CPU

      - DDR3 1333 12GB RAM

      - 4 1TB HD

      - ATI RADEON 4670 1G Videocard

      - Coolermaster 690 case witrh 700W Real Power

      - LG BlueRay Writer

      - Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000 v2.0

      - Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000



      1. Turn off indexing on your disk drives. 
      2. Try wired keyboard and mouse (old style, not USB) using the generic Win7 driver.  
      3. Try disabling both security programs. 
      4. Do not use boot drive for anything (video editing wise) but the OS and applications. Put video project and media on another fast disk drive or array. 
      5. Try a different (both newer AND older) device driver for your ATI card.



      Status of above numbered items:

      1. Indexing is turned off on all drives used for video editing. 
      2. The Asus P6T WS Pro motherboard has a combo keyboard/mouse PS2 connector.  I was attempting to use an old PS2 keyboard and PS2 mouse to replace the Microsoft cordless keyboard/mouse.  This would require a PS2 male to 2 PS2 female adapter.  Information on the Internet shows that there are 2 spare pins on a standard PS2.  These 2 spare pins are used on combo PS2 connectors for the mouse clock and data that I assume is the case for the ASUS motherboard.  This requires a special adapter where the regular clock and date pins go to the keyboard PS2 female and the spare pins go to the mouse PS2 female.  I have so far been unable to find such an adapter. 
      3. I need to use the Internet for program updates so I would disconnect the LAN to disable the security for the trial.  If security is the problem, I presume this would mean disconnecting the LAN and disabling security each time I edit video. 
      4. I have 3 1TB drives other than the boot drive, one each for source video, source audio, and rendered output.  I am thinking that the audio source drive would be best to share with the project file because the audio files are not as demanding on the CPU if previously processed in Soundbooth. 
      5. I will try different drivers.


      As recommended, I ran the Premier Pro Benchmark against my i7 PC to find that the performance was close to other similarly configured PCs. This confirms I am faced with external component issues.  In this case the mouse interaction during editing is the likely suspect.  I will try a second run after the modifications.  I do not know how files are sourced in the benchmark test amongst my 4 hard drives so the results may not indicate a better allocation of drives.


      Can someone tell where I can get a reliable combo PS2 adapter?  Is sharing the audio source drive with the project file a better choice than the video source or rendered file drives?



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          John Ratard Level 1

          My mouse problem has been solved by replacing the wireless laser mouse with a simple PS2 mouse.


          Status item 2 was solved by purchasing the dual combo port adapter from Amazon.  This confirmed that the ASUS P6TWS Professional Motherboard PS2 combo port does not provide for both mouse and keyboard inputs.  It detects either mouse or keyboard.


          I am pleased with the editing speed that this modification has provided.  I have not yet confirmed the rendering improvements from the other recommended changes through the Benchmark.  However, I am very pleased with the present rendering speed.  What appears to have take up to 30 minutes now takes up to 15 minutes.


          Thank you Bill Gehrke and John Smith.  Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all form supporters.



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            >solved by replacing the wireless laser mouse with a simple PS2 mouse


            Just guessing here... but my "best thought" is that your problem was not the mouse hardware, but the mouse software that created the wireless link was not fully compatible with "something" in the Adobe software


            Another option MIGHT have been a USB mouse

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              John Ratard Level 1

              You are correct John.  I tend to make assumptions in my feedback.  Together with the laser mouse I removed the software.  I thought about a USB mouse but I chose what I imagined was the most basic mouse possible.


              I apologize for my typo that was not in good form.  I meant forum supporters.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                No problem with typos... you'd be amazed at the run on, everything in one long sentence, questions here


                Your post is a MASTER of clarity!