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    PrP 5.5 Not exporting timecode  ?

    lasvideo Level 4
      I have a question for users and / or Adobe. I want to incorporate the Ki Pro Mini into my workflow to speed up long exports Im experiencing with long form shows and graphic intensive ones. My goal is to select Prores (for the moment) as the Preview files for the sequences I edit. Then I want to play it back in real time (not Export) thru the Kona 3 HD - SDI to the Ki Pro Mini. Ive just had a dialog with AJA  technician and they said this process has been done a lot with Avid and Autodesk to create masters. The RP188 time code is embedded in the SDI video and triggers the Ki Pro Mini to record, and so the file has the same time code as the sequence. I asked him to try it with Premiere Pro 5.5 and he said............."t worked perfectly in FCP and with our VTR Xchange.I could not get the Ki Pro to trigger when playing the same clips through PremPro 5.5.I tried both compressed and uncompressed with the same results.".................So it sounds like PrP is not sending out time code thru the SDI video .Any input on how to get this to work is appreciated