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    Instantmovie problems


      I've been experimenting with Premiere Elements 10 only a couple of weeks. I'm still in the stage of learning all it can do. I'm not getting my Instantmovies to create as they should and would appreciate any advice any of you have.


      Many of the rendered Instantmovies do not play all the intro-videos and graphics shown in the preview thumbnails. For example, "Crazy Cartoons" thumbnail preview shows a boot swinging into view on a chain and kicking a bomb, then we see various color graphics in motion and then a Merry Melodies kind of circular frame with "My Crazy Cartoons" title and the first scene of the rendered video appearing within the rings of the circular frame. I don't get that in my renderings. The video just starts with the first scene of my video reduced against a black background (as though sized and positioned for fitting within the circular frame) and the title.


      "Summer Beach" has a preview that shows a bamboo frame and a tropic island background. A clam shell appears and provides the transition to the first scenes of the video where we see graphics such as a beach ball rolling across the scene and a pineapple dropping from above. None of that appears in my renderings!


      A few of the Instantmovies seem to render as their thumbnail previews show but about half do not. I'm using the program on a Windows 7 laptop with Intel processor, 4 gigs. I've spent hours and hours on the phone and online with Adobe tech support during the last four days (minimum time spent was about 90 minutes per session) and finally tonight a supervisor says the themes are rendering as they are supposed to look, but I think he just wanted to close the case. He said the previews don't indicate precisely how the rendered Instantmovie will look, just a suggestion. With Adobe's help, I updated my video driver, defragmented the drive, etc. I know of nothing else to do. I even completely uninstalled and reinstalled the entire program and its content tonight.


      Many of these incomplete Instantmovies feature my video scenes placed about the screen in reduced sizes with black backgrounds, indicating color and/or animated backgrounds should be there. Could Adobe be right? The files that don't appear in my Instantmovies are there on the hard drive (unless the ones I'm seeing are just supposed to be for the preview alone).


      How do yours look?


      One single thing makes me wonder if Adobe tech support is correct. The same problem is happening on my desktop computer (Windows XP). I have used installation files from both the download trial version of Premiere Elements 10 and the disks (which I bought thinking something was missing from the download trial version and would solve the problem).


      Update: Tonight I went searching for some of the content that isn't there and found that all the necessary files for the Instantmovie themes are installed but for some reason the program isn't using them. They're in .PSD format! I tried loading one into a project for manual insertion in a finished Instantmovie, and I got an error message saying that file type is not supported or the required codec is not installed!


      Finally I have something to pursue. Now, I have Photoshop Elements 10 installed, so there shouldn't be any reason why Premiere Elements 10 can't handle the .PSDs, right?


      I'm hoping some of you can solve this for me. Thanks to any who reply.


      I cannot believe these bizarre, incomplete videos I'm getting are in fact as they should look. Please help.