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    Rendering MPEG 4, Composition size is 2266x240


      Client Specification

      Display Number: 1 Unit

      Display Type: LED

      Pixel Pitch: 12mm

      Pixel Dimension for individual Banner: 2266x240 Square PIxels

      Format: MPEG 4 Video Basic 30mb/s: 30fps

      (Content is contained in one canvas swept across 360 degrees. It can be a normal content repeated several times or one single content swept across the whole 360 Degrees.)



      Now when i render in MPEG 4 it give me error of ("Setting mismatch", Warning: Output file wil be resized from 2266x240(1.00 PAR) to 720x240(1.00 PAR) to meet the format constraints)


      And unfortunately my client wants that in same size and format.

      I have done enough RND on that in last 8 hours but failed to get that rendered. Can anyone come up with EXPERTS OPINION how can i render with client specification. I would be really thankfull to you all. After working on this project i am guess i need some serious learning



      Thanks in Advance