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    Need advice for a SIMPLE how to in PE 10


      I know Premiere Elements is a powerful program, but sometimes they get too cute and make it difficult to figure out how to do the most basic of tasks.  I have PE 10 and here's what I'm trying to do:

      • split a 60 minute AVI file into 10 six minute segments -- I do this with the scissor tool and see the 10 clips separated in the sceneline (so far so good)
      • now I want to save each of the segments to its own separate MPEG file (instinct would be to right click on each clip in the sceneline and select "save as" but that would be too simple)
      • the only solution I see is to delete all but the single clip I want from the sceneline, click the share tab to save as MPEG, then hit the "undo" button until all the clips are back on the sceneline, and repeat the process with clip2, clip3, etc.


      Am I missing something here?  Seems like a LOT of work for such a simple task.


      Thanks for any help,