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    Importing clips with effects from Premiere to AE


      Hi, I have had a search on google and also a quick look through the forums but could not find anything on the subject so:


      I am trying to import a project from Premiere to After Effects. The project itself is composed of many jpgs all placed one after the other and with the 'dissolve' transitional effect applied (stop-motion for all intensive purposes). However, when I try and import said project into After Effects, the transitional effects do not transfer across leaving me with just the images in the sequence (which look far less convincing without the dissolve applied).


      Also, After Effects does not seem to preview the video properly whenever I begin using the aforementioned project (the small green bar that marks something as being rendered is quite jittery. Not sure if that is just a problem that occurs naturally when working with premiere projects on AE, but it is fairly annoying.





      Anyone have any idea how to fix either of these issues or are they just inherent issues when working with Premiere projects on AE?