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    Batch Convert ,mov to ?

    glosstud Level 1

      Hi all, for those of you that may have been reading my post on losing video previews on here, you will know why I am asking this question.


      My problem is this..Any footage I have either stock or homemade in . mov format with an RGB+Alpha will not reload my preview renders. If I convert said files to a png with rgb+a then they are fine. But I do not really want to go down the route of converting to png format for the following reasons.


      1. I would prefer a 1 clip = 1 file

      2. I dont want to have to add tons more folders in folders

      3. Keeps house keeping a lot tidier on my drives.


      Many of my clips are in 720p with no audio, but I usually work in 1080p ( should of bought the 2k footage i know, but too late now) However due to the nature of the clips I can get away with upscaling to 1080 and feathering where required.

      But I do not want to loose any quality that I have.


      So any reccomendations as to the best way to do this to about 1000 clips, while still preserving quality and keeping each clip as a single file rather than a sequence of frames.


      I am on a mac with production premium cs5.5.2 and also have cs5 masters collection if needed.


      Anything that will do a a conversion and replace the original file would be good, and also must be PP and AE friendly as well as adobe bridge friendly.


      Many thanks.




      ps I always get the urge to put a X after my name lol..must have spent too much time on one of those dating sites in the past.