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    Please define "RTMFP P2P introductions"


      I posted the below in the FMS forum - posting here as well as it is confusing as to what cirrus features are now available in the current FMS 4.5 and I would like to know what functionality Cirrus has that FMS is currently missing. Can someone clarify? thanks.



      The following web page defines limits within FMS for something called "RTMFP P2P introductions":



      i.e. 500 or 15,000 depending on the version.

      However, I really don't understand what this means and i have searched around everywhere but it doesn't seem to be explained.


      Basically, I am considering developing a P2P video application that accross a global site could potentially have millions of sessions running simultaneously. And obviously, a 15k limit seems rediculously small if this imposes a limitation on the number of sessions that could be taking place. These would be using P2P Application Multicast using groupspecifier as defined in this article: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashmediaserver/articles/p2p_rtmfp_groups.html


      And this is contrasted directly with statements by the Cirris/Stratus team, and what it's capabilities are, which appear to be unlimited:


      Adobe Stratus, the hosted RTMFP rendezvous service, can handle a very large number of simultaneous users.  it is limited only by the number of computers we currently have in our cluster, and we can increase its capacity by adding more physical computers.http://forums.adobe.com/message/2596084#2596084


      Now from what I have read, the rendezvous service is utilized for firewall punchthrough / NAT traversal. This would be necessary for my application as I could have customers behind firewalls.


      So what I want to know is if this 500/15K limit is imposed on managing the NAT traversal clients (even though data is being sent through the P2P group, not the server) for the lifetime that they exist as part of the P2P group, or does the limit only apply to the initiation of the connection to the P2P group, and once they are connected, they do not take up a spot in the 500/15k number.


      If it is for the lifetime of the membership in the P2P group then my desired application would not be feasible with FMS, and only with Cirris/Stratus - except that is not available as a commercial offering.


      Can someone please clarify on this for me?