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    Variable SESSION.CartStructure.itemName1 is undefined.

      I am currently updating a website for a friend of mine. The website is written in ColdFusion by someone else. I am not all that familiar with ColdFusion, but I'm getting an error and wondering if someone could possibly help me out. Basically on the website the user browses for a product and clicks on "add to cart". When they click on "add to cart" it passes variables through hidden fields. The next page it is suppose to display a table with those variables and then display a "checkout" button. I added some new products, but now when I click on "Add to cart", it says
      " Variable SESSION.CartStructure.itemName1 is undefined.". I have tried several different things to fix it and nothing seems to work.

      The URL is http://www.neutralzonewear.ca/products/shirts.cfm

      Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thank you