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    When will multi-processor support arrive?


      I have been an InDesign user since the 1st version and saw the potential grow with each new update.  Now, we are almost in 2012 and almost everyone doing design work has dual or quad core power and I even invested in dual quad cores.  Photoshop, After Effects and even Illustrator have all taken advantage of this, but InDesign is still only working on one processor.  Since the majority of my work is magazine layout with several pages, dragging items on multiple layers across multiple pages is ridiculously slow.  Sure, you could copy and paste and then put every item back on the original layer, but this is also very time consuming since I work with items on 10 layers or more and could lead to mistakes if you miss an item or put it on the wrong layer.  Even if I put the display performance on Fast Display, try dragging 50 image & text elements across 15 pages each with 50 additional elements on them.


      I can't imagine I'm the only one with this issue.  So, hopefully support is coming soon.



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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Try turning off Preflight.


          I think you should be prepared for disappointment. I suspect that, even when InDesign achieves multiprocessor support, the graphics processing will probably be single-threaded, and I expect something like moving items will also be, because it is necessarily serial in nature. So it's hard to see that operation speeding up.


          There is multithreading in InDesign, as we know from Background Export, so that's a start. And I think there is more realistic multiprocessor support for InDesign Server (but maybe I'm confused and that's just 64-bit support, which I think of in the same breath0.


          I think real multiprocessor support in InDesign Desktop will probably have to wait until the Mac Cocoa integration is complete, whenever that happens.