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    Animated Text In Interactive PDF, also question about SWF distribution


      Hello Forum.......first post, so hi to everyone


      I have created a indesign cs5 document that has some animated text flying in from the left upon mouse clicking, if i export it to a SWF it works fine but if i export it to an interactive PDF the text is already in place. Is it possible to have animated text in an interactive pdf?


      Another question I have is regarding swf files, i need to create some presentations for our sales guys to run on their lap tops while out at clients, when i export it you get the resources file and the swf file....rather than just dropping these into a folder on their laptop is there a slicker way to package it in some kind of projector file.


      It would also be nice if in the future I could put the presentation onto a CD and have it auto launch the presentation.


      If anyone could give me some basic pointers it would be appreciated.