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    How to Turn off Storage


      While working on a show today Organizer locked out because my on-line storage is full.  I saw some threads referring to how to turn off the on-line storage option in Organizer but I can't even open Organizer. I'm directed immediately to a site to sell me more strorage for $19.99.  It was my fault for not noticing that my 2 GBs was almost full but the reality is, I don't need any on-line storage from Adobe.  My files are backed up several ways already.

      So how do I delete the on-line storage and get Organizer up and running again?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As I show you in my books, you go to the Organizer's Edit menu, select Preferences and then select Backup/Synchronization. You can set your online backup preferences there.



          You may need to go manually to http://www.photoshop.com and log in to your account to manually delete what's already there.

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            Evander2 Level 1

            That sounds fine except that I can't open Organizer.  I posted another message about this that you responded to asking about free space on my hard drive and whether my hard drive was cluttered with "junk and temp files".  I responded that I have 1.67 TB of clean, free space and I still can't open Organizer.


            This morning I accessed my on-line storage and deleted all of my files in order to clean up my "full" 2 GBs of storage.  And of course, since I can't open up Organizer, it re-polulated my on-line storage so now it's full again.


            I've made some mistakes over the last few weeks with Adobe Premiere Elements 9 but many of the issues I've been up against have not had anything to do with me not understanding how to operate this application. For instance, the first time I opened this application I found that some of the menus will not allow me to use my mouse; I could only operate the menu by keypad. There are other menus that wont' allow me to operate them with the mouse or the keypad.  The New Project menu for instance;  anytime that menu pops up asking for a "title"  I cannot enter a title, I can't click on anything by the Close X.  Then I have a completely blank project page.  So what do I do then?  I go to file and initiate a "New" project. At that point I can enter a project title.  Please tell me why a menu opens that won't allow to enter any data.




            It seems like it's been pretty easy for Abobe to blame things on me or my "new' PC.  I'll agree that I've created some of the issues I've faced.  But it certainly appears that this application is buggy.  And if this application is that senstive to the tiny bit of temp files I had on my PC, I'm not sure that I need the headaches.




            In a few minutes I'm going to un-install Premiere Elements 9 and re-install my old Premiere Elements 2.  I have projects I've promised for the holidays and I don't have the time to fart with this anymore.




            After the holidays, I'll try again.  But crap, you shouldn't need a degree in IT to run this application.




            Steve B

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              Aniks Level 2

              Can you try opening the Organizer via PRE itself or maybe goto <installdirectory>\Adobe\Elements XX Organizer and launch PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe directly?


              For other problems, you might want to check your screen resolution or display drivers. I myself read in some forum a similar problem and it was because of resolution. Your problem sounds similar to me. You may try.