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    Doesn't work with MAGic

    BJ-012345 Community Member

      I need to have white text on black. Since the interface doesn't seem to let you have anything other than black on white I've tried to use my Screen Reader/Magnification software to achieve this. I use MAGic from Freedom Scientific. Unfortunately the intrface doesn't seem to be compatible with this software and it wont work if I try to change the colours.

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          YJ_Yi Adobe Employee

          Digital Editions 1.8 Preview does support "white on black". MAGic is not officially supported at this point.

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            BJ-012345 Community Member

            I didn't spot the colour options in1.8 betea 2. I'll look harder.


            It would be good if Magic could be made to work with it. Magic uses the same speech engine as Jaws. But the problem I'm having presently is with the video intercept. The text display keeps freezing if I have Magic magnification turned on eg. to change colurs.

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              BJ-012345 Community Member

              As I put in a separate post. I can't find how to enable the high contrast feature in ADE. I can't find the command in the keyboard command help - but then again I'm trying to read black on white which is very hard for me.


              ADE might not officially support Magic but the problem I have is that if I enable the magnification feature within Magic then the ADE window freezes and wont change. This is a problem which needs sorting out.