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    New CS5.5 documents always open UNDER floating tools palette!

    Av8rdan Level 1

      Long time Indesigner, just upgraded to CS5.5...and so far so good. Except for this one annoyance. IN CS3, which I have been using, a new ocument opens to the immediate right of the floating toolbox in upper left corner of my workspace. But in CS5.5, a new document window goes UNDERNEATH the tools, partially obscuring the rulers and small box in upper left that is used to drag the 0/0 measuring crosshairs to make new measurements. Sure, it is fine each time I open a new doc to (a) resize the window a little smaller so the lower right sizing grabber thingy is visible when I (b) grab the sidebar, pull the doc out a little ways, and then (c) use the lower right sizing grabber thingy to resize the doc window to my workspace so it is now pinned ot the right edge of the floating toobox. BUT SHOULD I REALLY HAVE TO DO THIS EVERY TIME? Is this a new feature of some kind? Opening new docs in CS3 did not require this resizing dance each time, it is just annoying and a step backwards in useability.