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    Print or Export the Detail View of a Response as a PDF

    RandySwineford Adobe Employee

      A lot of people have been asking how to print or create a PDF of a response in a non-tabular view. I wanted to provide the instructions on how to do this.We'll be making this easier to find in a future release.


      Here is how you can get a printed or PDF version of a response:

      • Open your form file
      • Go to the “View Responses” tab
      • Go to the “View” menu in the upper right corner of the UI


      • Select “Detail View” from menu
      • On the right side of the screen a panel will appear

      2-Detail View.PNG

      • Click the left most print button to print it or click the right most button at the bottom of the panel named “Export” to create a PDF
      • If you choose Export, click OK to export a PDF of the selected response
      • The PDF created will look like this



      We currently cannot create a PDF or print something that matches the original layout of the form. That is something we hope to do some time next year.