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    To feather a photo


      I would like step by step instructions for  being able to feather a foto.

      Please respond to my e-mail "escape99207@yahoo.com"

      I am thanking whom ever in advance

      Dick Hazelmyer, Spokane, Wa

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          99jon ACP/MVP

          You can't feather a photo, but you can feather a selection.


          What are you trying to do?

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            escape99207 Community Member

            I have a rectangle photo and i want ti feathet the edges to white. Like to go from the photo to flair to white if the oaper or what other color that i use when printing,


            Dick Hazelmyer

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              99jon ACP/MVP


              Try one of the layer style. Simply choose one and click apply.


              Alternatively try free hand with one of the brush tools. I used the faux art brush here and dragged around the edges of my image.


              Click image to enlarge.





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                hatstead MVP




                Click on link for print screen


                1. Duplicate background layer
                2. Place a blank layer between background and background copy layers
                3. Shut off visibility of background layer by clicking on its eye icon
                4. Select the blank layer (Layer1)
                5. Access the rectangular marquee tool, drag out a rectangle within the picture, not all the way to the edges

                6. Press ALT+backspace on the keyboard to fill Layer 1 with black

                7. Group the top 2 layers  (Layer>create clipping mask)
                8. Select layer 1 again and blur (Filter>blur>gaussian blur - try 25)
                9. Place a blank layer between the background layer and layer 1 (this will be layer 2) and fill with white (Edit>fill layer>white)

                Please report back with your progress.