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    Export problem!!! Getting buttons from Fireworks to Dreamweaver


      I am working on exporting from Fireworks into Dreamweaver and running into problems. My index page is basically a menu and a flash slideshow. I have the whole layout sliced up and it looks good on the export. BUT my menu buttons are, graphics that I turned into BUTTONS and then assigned different effects to for each state. The UP state is just the normal graphic but the other states have what looks like nice interactivity just with basic glows and stuff for the same graphic. My problem is that while I see it is a button, and it creates it's own slice as a button. When I export I have no interactivity and all my behaviors are gone? It just becomes a flat graphic, not even pointing to a link. Not super helpful for a menu! ha The other problem is that I had it working perfectly in Fireworks when I'd preview it but all of a sudden I've lost it here too. If I look at the button itself everything is functioning well but it's not coming through now (with in the last day) on my previews. SO my biggest issue is HOW do I get it to move to Dreamweaver? All the help I find says, oh it's so easy design away and export? Which I'm doing? But not getting the desired results here? I'm very unfamiliar with Fireworks and would SO appreciate some help here.