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    Windows 7 - which version to buy for Premiere Pro 5.5?

    happy les Level 1

      Ive had a quick scout about but I cant seem to find a definitive answer to the question of which version of 64 bit Windows 7 is the best option for Premiere Pro? I didnt want to waste money by purchasing Ultimate only to 'tune' out most of the services - ala black viper's 'barebones' setup, to get the best from my limited hardware setup


      I am bulding the following simple system for a Non internet connected workstation for exclusive SD editing purposes, amd 64, 8Gb, GTX550 TI, 160 Gb Velociraptor primary drive, 2 Tb Assets drive and a 1 Tb output drive. I will be running production premium.



      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


      Cheers guys, Les