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    Fragments of different sizes?


      Dear Adobe and all those who struggle with HTTP Dynamic Streaming,


      Is there any way of creating fragments of unequal and very specific lengths?


      My project currently streams, via plain old http streaming, different f4v files of various lengths. My custom flash player downloads the edit list of files serially and plays them back from the local cache switching from one video player to another when it finishes playing a file, while downloading those about to play in the background. This works but is rather cumbersome and very machine dependant. You need a fast drive, lots of RAM and a decent video card that can do video acceleration for it to work properly.


      All of this is required as I am stringing together different parts of a non-linear filmed conversation ( see  'Jane, The Script Generator' at www.blipstation.com for an interactive textual view of the script and an idea of what I am trying to acheive - each selectable line or piece of dialogue combines with all other line choices to make some kind of conversational sense). I heard of Dynamic Streaming and thought this could be  a more elegant solution but delving a little more into the detail it appears that all fragments need to be the same width. Presumably different lengths would make the run tables overly complex and inefficient pretty quickly. Is there a workaround I can use? I see an --edit-line argument for the f4fpackager but I suspect this is for something else, and besides I can see no examples of how this is used to acheive what I am after.


      Thanking those who respond in advance,



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          SE_0208 Adobe Employee

          Hi ,



          I am sorry but i did not get your use case clearly. If i am not wrong you are not currently using HDS.



          Can you briefly explain me your use case - i mean i do not want details of how you currently do it - what i want to know is what is that you want to do using HDS and we can tell you whether its possible to do it using HDS.



          When we say Fragments are of same size we dont mean whole movie which needs to be played needs to be of same size - they can be of various lengths - its just that they would be broken down into smaller chunks of same size depending specially depending on Keyframe frequency so that playback is smooth and seekable. In HDS - all client side logic of how to play HDS stream is taken care by OSMF and you dont have to build your own logic to play it.



          As far fragments of different sizes are concerned –  we don’t support it  - I mean it might turn out during fragmentation that different fragments turn out to be of different sizes due to various reasons like Discontinuity but there’s not controllable config which someone can use to force different fragment size for same input file during same fragmentation process.



          I hope above information is helpful for you.