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    Jerky Image Movement with Ken Burns Effect


      Hello, this is my first post on these forums and like many it is for a question. I am currently editing a slideshow and I get getting two main problems. 1. My images are moving across the screen in a jerky way (meaning when I export the video to watch I see each line of pixels changing as if I were looking at the image between two pairs of shades with the back set moving) 2. When I zoom in on the images in the video they are remaining in the same quality they were when first displayed (in the "fit to screen" setting) why is it that when I zoom in on these images they become incredibly blurry, the images are very large size (over 3k x 3k)? Any help would be very appreciated!



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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          Even though my stomach turns when people call a move on a still "The Ken Burns Effect," I'm going to supress my revulsion and try to assist. 


          The blurriness MIGHT come from a pref "Default Scale to Frame Size, which makes the scaling on all your imported / placed images 100%.  This is a defect in the way Pr was built, IMO.  There's no good reason for Pr to think a huge photo is 100% scaled, just because it fits nicely in a Comp view.  It misleads users into thinking they're out of resolution, when they're not.  So, my first suggestion is to turn off that pref (uner General) and see the difference that makes when you know exactly how much resolution you have to deal with.  Then, don't go over 100%.


          I can't envision the jerkiness you're describing.  It could be an interlace issue, from how you describe it.  If that's the case, render progressive.

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            Blue_Devil1 Level 2

            Assuming you are going to make a DVD , your final resolution is going to be 720x480 (NTSC) .


            What I recently did for a slide show was:


            In Photoshop go to FIle -Scripts -Image Size and  "shrink" all your slides down to about twice the  final resolution.


            Then import all the slides  and for each one, you will have to apply individual moves on the slides using keyframes in the effects panel.

            I adjusted the scale and anchor point  to center the picture where I wanted it and then right clicked on the second set of keyframes and applied "ease in".


            I agree with Jim that I can't understand the jerkiness.


            John Rich

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Once you have dragged the Clips to the Timeline, you should have a red line above them, as PrPro has taken Still Images, and has turned them into Video. If you hit Enter/Return, you will Render that Timeline for best possible playback. After Rendering, are you still seeing the issues?


              Good luck, and welcome to the forum.



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                DavidJones47 Level 1

                I think I fixed the problem. What needed to be done was unselecting "fit to frame" on the image because when this option is selected the image is displayed in the frame (whether that be 1080p or whatever) and when the image is zoomed in it is being displayed as if the deminsions were at 1080 (so it looks crappy when viewing up close). So to get full image quality the image can't have "fit to frame". Adobe really needs to fix this, it's a big problem.


                As for the jerkeyness, I think disabling "fit to frame" helped with this but I also turned on "frame blending" when I export.


                Thanks for the helping me solve this problem everyone.




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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Glad that you found the settings and workflow, that fixed your issue.


                  I never use the "fit to frame" and instead create/edit my Images to be exactly the dimensions that I need - exact Frame Size for those, that will only have Zoom Ins, or Pans, when I have Zoomed In. If I need to Pan on a Zoomed Out Image, I calculate the extra pixels needed, and Scale to that, even say Cropping off unused vertical pixels, to reduce the processing overhead.


                  Thanks for reporting and good luck,



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                    ThornieG Level 1

                    Agree with Bill. That is what I do. Just to put my two penneth worth in.