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    Get Photoshop to open a SVG File?

    Lynda-S Level 4

      Is there a way to get Photoshop to open a SVG File? I know I can open it in Illustrator save as a EPS file then open into photoshop but I would prefer a quicker method than that work around.


      I found a Plug-In that will do this but it cost 99 for a year license and I do not use SVGs enough to justify the cost. Are there any free plug-ins?

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          Astara_ Level 1

          This very along the lines of what I'd like to see as well...


          I mean what's involved?...  SVG is all paths, fills + gradients, no?   I wanted to do this to, but to change them all manually into shapes and paths seems pretty broken.


          This is related to many recent (past 3-5 years) problems in Photoshop...its inability to handle vector information appropriately.


          I tried importing the SVG into illustrator, and exporting as .ai, thinking photoshop would understand the data as PATH's and masks and gradients then...but nope... wanted to force it all into bitmask data..Broken!  Why can't it read in the paths and gradients AS paths and gradients?  I don't want

          to convert to a bitmap...


          Seems like photoshop tries to force you into inefficient format by default and makes it difficult, near impossible to change from things created as vectors and shade/gradients, and patterns into objects that are those things, whereas the default should be to create the items as objects and convert or overlay bitmask layers on top of a layer so created, when needed, automatically.  (sized for the actual bit mask and relative to the created shap layer.

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            MTSTUNER Level 6

            You can open the file in illustrator, copy then paste in photoshop and choose your options.

            That svg plugin probably rasterizes the svg files anyway, so you'll probably get better results by either editing the file in illustrator or

            doing the above.







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              Lynda-S Level 4

              I believe that PS should add SVG support. At least for opening the file if anything because while I have illustrator because it came with the suite I purchased some purchase PS as a standalone product thus you must convert the file using a file convertor.


              Thanks for the feedback and info

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                MTSTUNER Level 6

                If one doesn't have illustrator there is always Inkscape which uses svg as it's native format and is open source and free.

                You can always file a feature request at: