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    Exit Code 24 - Cannot install Premiere Elements 10


      Having downloaded and installed premiere elements 10 i experienced problems with the program and especially the help facility which just didnt work.


      I went ahead and purchased a full copy of the program in the belief that a fresh full install would resolve the problem.


      However I am unable to either uninstall the faulty program or install the purchased item.


      Instead it just states that photoshopserver must be stopped but even when i do this you cannot progress at all!


      Any help would be much appreciated.


      The installation is on an iMac running OSX Lion and everything is up to date.


      I have uploaded a fault report package but have no idea how to link it with any reported error.


      Exit Code 24 is all that gets reported when you have to cancel the install process which is the only option

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'd recommend you contact Adobe Tech Support. They will be able to help you troubleshoot your installation.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve mentions, Adobe T/S should be able to help, and installation issues are for free.


            Good luck,



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              YDIY Level 1

              Many thx to you and Steve for your advice but i managed to solve the problem myself.


              The fault lies entirely with the adobe installer for this program.


              By quitting the Adobe Installer Autoanalyzer, and thereby the crash daemon, the install was able to proceed without a hitch.


              Pretty remarkable too that the process that stalled the installation is actually invoked by the adobe installer itself.


              I proved this by monitoring the running processes before starting the installer.


              Once you start the install the offending photoshopserver gets brought to life and the installation stalls even if you quit the running instance of the program.


              Not very clever for an adobe product methinks.


              Anyway I'm up and running now so that's good.


              Best Regards


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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I am anything BUT an installation expert, but do you mean that upon installation, the Organizer's AutoAnalyzer is invoked, or is this some other AutoAnalyzer?


                I have a feeling that I am going to learn something new, regarding this issue.


                Thanks for the clarification,



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                  YDIY Level 1

                  Hi Bill,


                  The fault has nothing to do with the organiser program option as the original fault I experienced wouldn't permit the software to complete installation, let alone run the organiser or any other option for that matter.


                  As far as I could tell the Adobe installer was running some sort of crash analyzer program in the background, confusingly called autoanalyzer, but once I had killed this process the installation completed quite happily.


                  The resultant installed program is now working great and I'm able to use the help facility that was corrupted when the trial software got loaded in the first instance.


                  So good result all round.


                  Hope this info helps.


                  Best Regards


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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    I appreciate the clarification. I just got confused with the terms, and needed to know more. Now things make more sense to me, though I am troubled by perhaps the way that Adobe either designed, or implemented their installer module. Usually, the only trouble that one has with an Adobe installer is something fritzed in the OS, like the MSI module in Windows (there were many problems with one - think that it was on Vista - and MS fixed that), or just plain old OE, where one tries to run the installation routine for the Functional Content (Extras), before actually installing the program. Normally, they are very good, though there was one for an update to PrPro, that had to be pulled and reworked. The update feature worked fine upon release, but when Adobe packaged that update with an installation module, things got side-ways. It was pulled, and a new, re-written one was posted to Adobe.com in about 4 working days. Otherwise, it's normally easy, quick, virtually transparent, and no one has issues - that is what makes troubleshooting installation issues so tough - most of us never encounter them, and have to rely of "fixes," that we have read about. Sounds like there is an issue here.


                    Again, thank you for setting me straight.


                    Good luck,