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    installed CS5 after CS5.5. How do I fix associations?


      I installed CS5.5 Master which includes PRemiere and After Effects onto a brand new PC I built. I though I knew that I'd never need my copy of CS5 MC again so I didn't even load it. Then I realized I have several plug-ins that will not install in CS5.5. So I went ahead and installed CS5 MAster but only selected After Effects and Premiere since these are the only ones I need the plugins for. Well...it worked, but going forward "all" plugins are pointing to CS5 now instead. I modified the registry key HKLM\software\adobe\premiere pro\current version\plug-insDir to point back to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\CS5.5\MediaCore.


      I thought this should fix it but is does not. Additionally all my projects are opening with CS5 instead of CS5.5. Is there some way to fix this? Can I reinstall CS5.5 overtop of itself, even if I've done all the updates and installed a dozen+ plugins? Any help would be great!