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    Interface between PE7 and Photoshop.com


      I posted this in the Photoshop.com forum 20 hrs ago and still have not received a response. So please don't ask me to go back to them.

      Has something changed with the interface between Photoshop.com and Premiere Elements 7?  Until recently I have been able to upload a video to Photoshop.com using the share function in Premiere Elements 7.  Now when I launch PE7 I get "gathering user info" which never comes up. I also get an error "Failed.  An error occurred during the uploading process. Try again later". (Yes, I tried again later) When trying to upload a video using the share function within PE7. Thinking that it would resolve the problem,  I reinstalled PE7 and still get the same error.  I also have the same problem using Photoshop Elements 7.


      Please help!  Thank you!