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    Can't find links to VBA Scripting on Adiobe site.


      Hi there,


      This is not the most appropriate place to post this but I expect it is the place I am most likely to find someone who knows. I have just bought InDesign 5.5 and am starting the steep climb up the learning curve. I want to do script stuff in VBA and I bought the “InDesign Bible” which mentions that the product disk for InDesign includes a PDF file containing 2,000 pages on VBScript and VBA. I had to buy mine direct from Adobe as a download so no PDF files. I looked around their site and found a couple of VBA tutorial files but they were only small introductions. There was a development scripting area for InDesign but all the links were scrambled and it was a no no.


      I have tried to contact Adobe but, unsurprisingly, it is a bit of a effort so I gave up.


      My question is, does anybody know if any other sites have this stuff for downloads or, if not, does anybody know if and when Adobe are going to sort themselves out in this respect.