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    Using Page Breaks and Template Shifting

    unatratnag Level 1

      I'm working on a book.  The book is in a word formate.  I'm taking the text and porting it into InDesign with page after page being connected. There are 73 pages in total of pure copy once ported in.  Now I'm going in and laying the media into the text.  I have two basic master template designs that I use based on the content being talked about in the text.  Example is Master Template A has a white background, and Master Template B which has a black background. 


      Since the book is alternating between templates depending on the content on the page the pages might look like this:

      Page 1: Template A

      Page 2: Template A

      Page 3: Template B

      Page 4: Template A


      and so on.  I have a question about page breaking.  I'd like to always keep the content on page 3 on a master template B background. 


      However, if I add more content to A, or if I use a page break, the content on all subsequent pages gets pushed down (all pages are connected).  So if I page break on Page 1, my content from page B gets pushed onto a template A background.  This is obviously not what I wanted.  Should there be another function besides page break that I should be using to put separaters?  How can I make sure that my content on page 3 stays on a template B background?