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    How do I save clips as separate files?


      I'm new to Premiere Elements but I'm sure that this is a very common situation. I have a bunch of video tapes that I have imported. I set up one project per tape. Each tape has several unrelated sequences for instance Christmas, a basketball game, a couple of birthdays and a vacation. I want to break these into totally separate clips, tag each clip with the pertinant information and use those clips to build movies or albums, for instance all of my kids birthday parties, highlights from all of the basketball games, etc. I've cut the first tape into clips but don't know where to go from here. I would really appreciate advice or pointing me to a good turtorial on this subject. Thanks jimadavis1

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You will want to use the WAB (Work Area Bar), which will allow Export/Share (to most common formats), of just sections of the Timeline. This ARTICLE goes into more detail. If you plan on editing those Exported/Shared Clips, then the DV-AVI format/CODEC is a great choice for SD material. For other formats, like HD, see this ARTICLE.


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            jimadavis1 Level 1

            Thanks Bill.  I checked "Share WAB only" but it still rendered everything.  Maybe because I used F4V-HD 1080P.  I tryed again buy deleting everything except for the scenes that I wanted to be in the first clip and it seemed to work correctly that time.  It took 3.5 hours to render a clip with 02;02;53;13 duration (1.83GB file).  I'm running a 5 year old Vista box.  Does that sound reasonable?  If so it's going to take me about 15 hours per tape just to break them in to usable clips.

            Thanks, Jim