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    MySQL Error #1045 HELP ME!!

    XxlawrencexX Level 1

      I am using Dreamweaver and Webhosting services for my website and i need Dreamweaver to connect to my database in that Webhosting area. So i made a new database, new user added to that database and i know the password, and gave it all rights. My Webhosting company I am under has a Cpanels (control panel) and so I made a access host under 'Remote MySQL'  and put my IP as the host and then saved it. I also have the site and server for Dreamweaver connected to it Via FTP, and then once I add a database for my 'MySQL server' I used my Webhosting Hostname because that is the access to the Webhosting for my database. Then I used my username from the user I made that is made to access that one database which is clean and new, and correct password. Then I click select for the database then it would show it is connecting to my Domain, then I get "MySQL Error#:1045 Access denied for user 'XX'@'XXXXXX' (using password:YES). I have no idea why it does this, I even installed MySQL server and workbench for local and I still get Access Denied for localhosting, I am now freaking out because I need access to a database for my website.