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    Adobe Illustrator Design Std CS5 Crashed when closing


      We have 3 computers with Adobe Design Std installed and the one that I'm using is facing a problem which I can't find a solution to.


      Whenever I close Illustrator after completing my work, Illustrator will crash with the message "Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 has stopped working and Windows is finding a solution"

      which of course there's no solution to this problem.


      I've contacted Adobe tech support which is based in India and after keeping me on the phone for one and a half hours gave me no help at all. I asked to speak to a superior but

      he kept saying that he can help me, which is asking me to delete all the temporary files. Like the guy said, "In Windows XP, go to your temp folders of windows and adobe and delete

      all the temp files created. For God's sake, I kept reminding him that I am using Windows 7 Pro and all he can mutter up is "In Windows XP" when I kept telling him I am using

      Windows 7!!! He then cut me off abruptly when I demanded to speak to his superior. I never called back as I feel it's a waste of my time talking to someone who hindered the intelligence of my brain!


      I believe this is a common problem and the tech support knowledge on computers are no better then mine. Having been IT since the 1980's I do believe I have better knowledge

      on computer hard/software.


      As I've mentioned, Illustrator will always crash and it's more irritating then anything else. Hopefully Adobe can solve this problem short of asking me to reinstall or reformat

      the computer which I believe will not help my dilemma. I've done cleaning up of my registry/temp files, even reinstalled Design Std after uninstalling and the problem persist.



      Note: I installed Design Std on a few other computers to try out and Illustrator CRASHED the same way on a couple of them so it's not intermitten problem.



      Core 2 Duo with 2 GB RAM, nVidia 210 Graphics, 2.5 TB Hard Drives.



      Thank You!

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          Mandhir Bhatia Adobe Employee



          Try running Permissions Reset Utility from Disk Utility amd after restart try launching the Illustrator.

          If that doesnt work try & make sure the current user and admin has full right on the Adobe Directories in MAC as below.



          /Applications/.AdobePatchFiles (hidden, use Go > Go to Folder command)


          /Library/Application Support/Adobe*

          /Library/Application Support/FLEXnet Publisher/


          /Library/Preferences/FLEXnet Publisher/

          /Users/[user]/Library/Application Support/Adobe*








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            David Burkhart Level 1

            If you or anyone else is still having an issue with this, I suspect that you are using TeamViewer on the computers with the problem. If so, the problem is an incompatibility between TeamViewer's QuickConnect feature and Illustrator (and also, for those that have it, Flash Pro*). Below is a four-step work-around to the problem.


            1. From the TeamViewer menu select "Extras" and then "Options".
            2. From the TeamViewer options window click the "Advanced" side-tab and then the "Show advanced options" button.
            3. Under "General advanced settings", next to "QuickConnect button", click "Configure...".
            4. Add "illustrator.exe" to the list (and "flash.exe" if you have it installed*).


            If you found this helpful, please vote accordingly.



            Good luck, all.



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